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MikroTik SIA

MikroTik Certified Consultants:

Every Wireless Connect employee that you have any technical contact with, is guaranteed to be a MikroTik advanced certified consultant.

MikroTik Distributor and Value Added Reseller Partnership

Wireless Connect were awarded Official Distributor Status because of our internationally recognised ability to deliver support to MikroTik's excellent product range and software suites.

MikroTik OEM Partnership:

Wireless Connect have always striven to be at the forefront of network infrastructure solutions internationally. With this effort combined with our expertise and resources, we have secured a MikroTik OEM Partnership. In fact, we are the first MikroTik OEM Partner to offer & deploy a fully commercial  VMware based MikroTik Virtual hardware network appliance. We are also the first partner to offer fully supported, fully warranted, enterprise appliances, that are backed up with an advance replacement warranty in over 130 Countries worldwide. With specialised cutting edge OEM MikroTik network appliances such as this, we are committed to maintaining and indeed strengthening our strategic partnership with MikroTIk.

MikroTik Certified Training Partners:

Wireless Connect is committed to achieving excellence through the pursuit of knowledge. However we understand that this excellence has limited impact unless we are willing to share our acquired excellence. We therefore pursued and gained accreditation as a Certified Training Partner of MikroTik. If you take one of our classes on MikroTik, you can be assured that you will receive training from a fully accredited MikroTik trainer.



Dell Registered Partners:

Wireless Connect Ltd are Registered Dell Partners, we have with over 5 years experience in implementing datacenter and server room solutions using Dell PowerEdge server technology,  Dell PowerConnect networking technology & Management of the equipment using Dell OpenManage technology.

Taylored Business Solutions:

Wireless Connect Ltd. offers inovative tightly integrated Dell solutions based on Dell OpenManage, Vmware, Red Hat Linux, Cent OS & Windows.

Laird Technologies Gold Distributor

Laird Technologies (Pac Wireless / WISP):

Wisp Gold Distributors:

Wireless Connect Ltd. Teamed up with Pac Wireless in 2007, and became Laird Technologies Gold Distributors in 2008. Since then we have been working tirelessly to bring Laird Technologies Antenna equipment to WISPs in Ireland the UK & Europe. Laird Technologies Antennas have become an important part of Wireless Connect's product range. Wireless Connect  Ltd is delivering first class continental, regional & local support for this globally proven product range.

Rits Group
Rits Group Logo

Wireless Connect have been a customer of RitsGroup since our incorporation. RitsGroup is Ireland's premier security provider with the widest range of skills, products & services on offer to help protect the wide attack surface that many companies have to endure today. To date Wireless Connect has used the following services both directly & for our international customer base:

  • Rits Praesidium provide us with physical security measures, advice & audits.
  • Rits Information Security Centre provide us with network and computer security advice & audits.
  • Rits Pondera provide secure hardware recycling, secure hard drive / disk destruction services to us.
  • Rits Praesidium also provide close personel security for staff and visitors when our management team & our advisors deem it necessary.

Since April 2008 we have been collaborating with Rits Information Security Center in areas such as;

  • Security Research Initiatives
  • Joint Ventures
  • Security Whitepapers
  • Network Incident Rapid Responce Team
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