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General Interface Settings
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General Information


MikroTik RouterOS supports a variety of Network Interface Cards as well as some virtual interfaces (like Bonding, Bridge, VLAN etc.). Each of them has its own submenu, but there is also a list of all interfaces where some common properties can be configured.


The Manual describes general settings of MikroTik RouterOS interfaces.

Interface Status

Submenu level: /interface

Property Description

mtu (integer) - maximum transmission unit for the interface (in bytes)name (text) - the name of the interfacetype (read-only: arlan | bonding | bridge | cyclades | eoip | ethernet | farsync | ipip | isdn-client | isdn-server | l2tp-client | l2tp-server | moxa-c101 | moxa-c502 | mtsync | pc | ppp-client | ppp-server | pppoe-client | pppoe-server | pptp-client | pptp-server | pvc | radiolan | sbe | vlan | wavelan | wireless | xpeed) - interface type


To see the list of all available interfaces:

[admin@MikroTik] interface> print
Flags: X - disabled, D - dynamic, R - running
 #    NAME                                              TYPE             MTU
 0  R ether1                                            ether            1500
 1  R bridge1                                           bridge           1500
 2  R ether2                                            ether            1500
 3  R wlan1                                             wlan             1500
[admin@MikroTik] interface>

Traffic Monitoring

Command name: /interface monitor-traffic


The traffic passing through any interface can be monitored.

Property Description

received-bits-per-second (read-only: integer) - number of bits that interface has received in one secondreceived-packets-per-second (read-only: integer) - number of packets that interface has received in one secondsent-bits-per-second (read-only: integer) - number of bits that interface has sent in one secondsent-packets-per-second (read-only: integer) - number of packets that interface has sent in one second


One or more interfaces can be monitored at the same time.

To see overall traffic passing through all interfaces at time, use aggregate instead of interface name.


Multiple interface monitoring:

/interface monitor-traffic ether1,aggregate
    received-packets-per-second: 9        11
       received-bits-per-second: 4.39kbps 6.19kbps
        sent-packets-per-second: 16       17
           sent-bits-per-second: 101kbps  101kbps
-- [Q quit|D dump|C-z pause]
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