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Preparing your Wrap Board for Mikrotik (R52 Atheros Single Chip)
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Preparing your Wrap Board for Mikrotik (R52 Atheros Single Chip)

A number of our customers wanted to migrate their existing hardware to MikroTik, however they wanted to use their existing amd Geode based routing hardware.  In this article we will show you what we have shown our customers. However there are a number of points that should be noted.

  • RB500 series Routers & RB300 Routers are much faster than the WRAP boards you should therefore consider deploying Mikrotik Router Boards in areas of your network that experience high traffic.
  • We suggest that you re deploy your WRAP Boards from areas of high traffic in your network to the perimeter of your network in roles such as client premises equipment (CPE) router.


Updating Bios to Ensure Compatibility with MikroTik R52

Warning an incorrect bios update or a bios update that crashes during the installation  is potentilly an un recoverable error that would require you to replace hardware because of  blown firmware. Wireless Connect recommends that our customers always carry out Firmare & Bios updates only while using a UPS to power the computer and the Router. This prevents the power brown outs / black outs that would otherwise interrupt the BIos updates and cause a bios boot failure on the hardware.

For this procedure you will need the following equipment:

  • A WRAP Board & Power Supply
  • A null modem serial cable (to link your computer to the WRAP Board)
  • A terminal emulator program such as Hyper Terminal
  • A Copy of the latest Bios Update from PC Engines

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