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Sangoma Synchronous Interfaces
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General Information


The MikroTik RouterOS supports the following Sangoma Technologies WAN adapters:

  • Sangoma S5141 (dual-port) and S5142 (quad-port) PCI RS232/V.35/X.21 (4Mbit/s - primary port and 512Kbit/s - secondary ones)
  • Sangoma S5148 (single-port) and S5147 (dual-port) PCI E1/T1


Packages required: synchronous
License required: Level4
Submenu level: /interface sangoma
Standards and Technologies: X.21, V.35, T1/E1/G.703, Frame Relay, PPP, Cisco-HDLC
Hardware usage: Not significant

Synchronous Interface Configuration

Submenu level: /interface sangoma


With the introduction of 2.8 release, MikroTik RouterOS supports wide range of Sangoma Technologies WANPIPE cards. These cards provide a router with the ability to communicate over T1, E1, RS232, V.35 and X.21 links directly, without the need of external CSU/DSU equipment.

Property Description

active-channels (all | integer; default: all) - for T1/E1 channels only. Specifies active E1/T1 channel setchdlc-keepalive (time; default: 10s) - Cisco-HDLC keepalive interval in secondsclock-rate (integer; default: 64000) - internal clock rate in bpsclock-source (internal | external; default: external) - specifies whether the card should rely on supplied clock or generate its ownframe-relay-dce (yes | no; default: no) - specifies whether the device operates in Data Communication Equipment mode. The value yes is suitable only for T1 modelsframe-relay-lmi-type (ansi | ccitt; default: ansi) - Frame Relay Line Management Interface Protocol typeframing mode (CRC4 | D4 | ESF | ESF-JAPAN | Non-CRC4 | Unframed; default: ESF) - for T1/E1 channels only. The frame mode:

CRC4 - Cyclic Redundancy Check 4-bit (E1 Signaling, Europe)
D4 - Fourth Generation Channel Bank (48 Voice Channels on 2 T-1s or 1 T-1c)
ESF - Extended Superframe Format
Non-CRC4 - plain Cyclic Redundancy Check
Unframed - do not check frame integrity

line-build-out (0dB | 7.5dB | 15dB | 22.5dB | 110ft | 220ft | 330ft | 440ft | 550ft | 660ft | E1-75 | E1-120; default: 0dB) - for T1/E1 channels only. Line Build Out Signal Level.line-code (AMI | B8ZS | HDB3; default: B8ZS) - for T1/E1 channels only. Line modulation method:

AMI - Alternate Mark Inversion
B8ZS - Binary 8-Zero Substitution
HDB3 - High Density Bipolar 3 Code (ITU-T)

line-protocol (cisco-hdlc | frame-relay | sync-ppp; default: sync-ppp) - line protocolmedia-type (E1 | T1 | RS232 | V35; default: V35) - the hardware media used for this interfacemtu (integer; default: 1500) - Maximum Transmission Unit for the interfacename (name; default: sangomaN) - descriptive interface name

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