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General Information


Traceroute determines how packets are being routed to a particular host.


Packages required: system
License required: Level1
Submenu level: /tool
Standards and Technologies: ICMP, UDP, Traceroute
Hardware usage: Not significant


Traceroute is a TCP/IP protocol-based utility, which allows user to determine how packets are being routed to a particular host. Traceroute works by increasing the time-to-live value of packets and seeing how far they get until they reach the given destination; thus, a lengthening trail of hosts passed through is built up.

Traceroute shows the number of hops to the given host address of every passed gateway. Traceroute utility sends packets three times to each passed gateway so it shows three timeout values for each gateway in ms.

The Traceroute Command

Command name: /tool traceroute

Property Description

(IP address) - IP address of the host you are tracing the route todscp (integer: 0..63) - DSCP field value for the probe packets (in case the route varies depending on the DSCP priority)max-hops (integer) - utmost hops through which packet can be reachedport (integer: 0..65535) - UDP port numberprotocol (UDP | ICMP) - type of protocol to use. If one fails (for example, it is blocked by a firewall), try the othersize (integer: 28..1500; default: 64) - packet size in bytessrc-address (IP address) - change the source address of the packettimeout (time: 1s..8s; default: 1s) - response waiting timeout, i.e. delay between messagesuse-dns (yes | no; default: no) - specifies whether to use DNS server, which can be set in /ip dns menu


Traceroute session may be stopped by pressing [Ctrl]+[C].


To trace the route to host using ICMP protocol with packet size of 64 bytes, setting DSCP field to 8 and extending the timeout to 4 seconds:

[admin@MikroTik] tool> traceroute protocol=icmp size=64 dscp=8 timeout=4s
   1	  3ms	   3ms	    3ms
   2	 80ms	 169ms	   14ms
   3	  6ms	   4ms	    4ms
   4	111ms	 110ms	  110ms
   5	124ms	 120ms	  129ms
   6	139ms	 146ms	  135ms
   7	132ms	 131ms	  136ms
   8	211ms	 215ms	  215ms
   9	225ms	 239ms	     0s
  10	283ms	 269ms	  281ms
  11	267ms	 260ms	  266ms
  12	296ms	 296ms	  290ms
  13	288ms	 297ms	  294ms
  14	297ms	 317ms	  319ms
  15	137ms	 136ms	  134ms
  16	135ms	 134ms	  134ms
  17	134ms	 134ms	  135ms
[admin@MikroTik] tool>
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