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Data Descrutction and Disposal

Hard drive destruction, Backup Tape destruction, CD's and floppy discs ! The list is endless but the problem is the same - Secure disposal without compromise. We specialise in on Onsite and Offsite destruction services. Hard drive shredding, hard drive degaussing and data wiping services with a full audit trail if required.

  • Degaussing/Shredding and or Dirve Wiping

  • On/Off site works as required

  • Full traceability and certification of destruction.

  • Controled and traced recycling of remaining material.

  • Rapid turn around time

For quotation please email: info@wirelessconnect.eu with details.

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Wired Network Design

Wireless Connect's network design team of dedicated professionals will listen to your networking needs and wants. We will advise you on your options and opportunities to make your networking infrastructure comprehensively support your business. We have our own in house CCIE (Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert) who leads any drive to design a network for all of our customers. Wireless Connnect Provides the following design services

  • Security Architecutre, Firewall Design

  • Security Network Access Control, Radius, AAA, 802.1x  

  • Network Layout for performance and redundancy.

  • WAN link specification

  • Efficient IP Addressing Scheme Design

  • Dynamic Routing Design

  • Logging, Accounting, Auditing Infrastructure

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1 hour - €100 1 Day (7.5 hours) - €500
Wired Network Roll Out

Wireless Connect offers full range of managed services to ensure that your business has the minimum total cost of ownership. Wireless Connect has solid experience from wiring closets right up to data centre implementations. Wireless Connect would be pleased to provide you with the following services:

  • Server room layout implementation

  • Un-interruptible Power Supply UPS specification and installation

  • Power Distribution Specification and installation management 

  • Air Conditioning Specification and installation management

  • Structured cabling specification & installation

  • Firewall, Router, Switch, & Server Rack mounting, and network patching.

  • Network Patching Rework

 Managed Network Implementation
Infrastructure Monitoring

Wireless Connect uses all the latest network monitoring tools at our disposal to ensure the maximum business continuity for you our customer we bring the following tools, protocols & technologies to bear on your IT Equipment:

  • MikroTik's "The Dude"...this centralised network monitoring & management tool forms the core of our network monitoring offering

  • Dell Open Manage IT Assistant if our customers have an extensive deployment of Dell Server systems we deploy Dell Open Manage IT Assistant which allows the centralised monitoring, management and upgrade of the Dell systems.

  • Nagios... We offer support and assistance to those who have the Nagios network monitoring system on their site

MikroTik Dude Network Monitor
MikroTik Dude Network Monitor in Action!